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Blue Rose Band
Blue Rose Band started, like all the good artistic stories, from a person full of passion and dreams for the endless music. The band still never follows one certain style and pompous titles for its genre but, it's safe to say that Blue Rose Band is a well measured blend of Blues, Funk, Soul and Jazz music. That person who dares to share his every little feeling in the B.R.B. songs is Vassilis "Blue" Sotiriou.

Vassilis "Blue" Sotiriou created B.R.B. in 1987, in Thessaloniki, Greece.
The birth of B.R.B. coincides with the birth of Thessaloniki's local Blues scene.
In the early 90's the band participates in every festival and gig that takes place in its hometown. Through all these years, the story of the band is filled with plenty of live appearances and collaborations with a great deal of the greatest musicians in Greece. The band has never stopped sharing its music despite the difficulties and the form changes along its way.

The band members:
In 2007 Panagiota Tentzou meets Vassilis "Blue" Sotiriou and becomes the voice of the Blue Rose Band. The same year, B.R.B. welcomes Philippos Kostavelis as the piano and keyboard player of the group. Two years later, Christos Yermenoglou becomes the powerful drummer the group needs and in 2010 Agamemnon Mardas fits perfectly in this Blues party as the electric and upright bass player. In 2013 Vassilis "Blue" Sotiriou is convinced to release B.R.B.'s first album: ''Reach the Skies''. For this project, he discovers the perfect combination of Christos Anastasiadis on trumpet and James Wylie on saxophones.

Feeling now that B.R.B is finally completed, Vassilis "Blue" Sotiriou presents with pride and love to the music his first album "REACH THE SKIES".